Affordable SEO for Businesses

Affordable SEO for Businesses

Oliver Howells
9th January 2017 | Homepage, SEO & Social Marketing

Here at Moonshine Towers we like to think we cover absolutely every form of digital marketing out there. Although SEO may seem like a redundant form of online marketing to some, it really is far from it. For sure, you also need to make time to run an effective social media campaign but there really is no substitute for good SEO. White hat only of course!

We have been working with third party companies for some time now. Lots of web companies and marketing businesses simply don’t have the time or the inclination to start learning how to implement SEO themselves, so instruct us to do it for them. In doing it for them, what I really mean is taking on the SEO for their clients.

Introduction to SEO


Case Study – West Raynham Business Park –

We were instructed to begin a six month campaign for West Raynham Business Park. This hub for businesses in Norfolk was lacking any form of optimisation or online marketing. It’s an amazing, vibrant area for small to medium sized business but if you were searching for ‘offices to let in norfolk‘ then you wouldn’t know it existed.

They wanted to connect with local people looking for office space in and around Norfolk, concentrating on areas such as Dereham, Fakenham, Kings Lynn and Norwich.

When you are starting from scratch as it were, there is only one way you can go! Any form of site optimisation is going to be an improvement. We were looking at zero visibility with any given search term they provided us with. Since beginning the campaign back in September, we have managed to raise their overall visibility and each search term (20 were chosen) is now showing within the first two pages of Google. Many are on the first page!

How Do We Start?

First of all we start with a website audit. We enter all of the given search terms into our software and see where each term currently ranks. From there we know how much or how little actual on page optimisation we need to do.

Next we begin a back link building campaign. This consists of adding the main url to as many credible UK directories and blog sites as we can within the given budget.

Back link building creates a solid foundation for any future optimisation techniques.

What Else Do We Do?

We may use bookmark sites or social interaction sites such as NetMums or MumsNet. This is a great way to get people taking about your business, product or service.

We also boost your profile via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. And we may also write the odd blog post like this one! Any mention with an outbound link is another positive ranking factor.

If you’re thinking of using a third party company for client SEO then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line.




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