New Customer Loyalty App

New Customer Loyalty App

Rachel Sheridan
9th August 2016 | SEO & Social Marketing

Woohoo!! Our shiny new customer loyalty app is almost ready. We are just putting the finishing touches to the website where you can read all about it in greater detail and even sign up and pay online. We are offering an early bird deal for those of you that want to take advantage of the top subscription for just £15 per month.

The App is £999!! making it cheap as chips. Imagine that – Your own customer loyalty app sitting on their phone all day every day. An permanent advert, not to mention the fact that you have the ability to set your own promotions, offers and adverts. Send out push notifications on a weekly basis and grab those customers before they go somewhere else. Your store app will be completely branded to your own logo/design.

What About My Website? Isn’t That Enough?

No, no and no again. A website is obviously a must these days and if marketed correctly it can bring in a ton of new customers or clients but it has to be either searched for or known about. Your app will be downloaded by customers with either Android or IOS. It will sit on their phones for as long as they want it to, so make those offers good ones! If you make them exclusive to app users they’ll feel real special too!

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When we first looked at the development costs of an app we simply couldn’t do it for less than £10,000. We thought we’d need to get a specialist coder in and everything. But no, we forgot, we have Jeremy!! How lovely it must be to be super clever and handsome at the same time.

Jeremy has designed the app from scratch because he is tremendously talented and knows lots of stuff that mere mortals don’t get. It’s a bit like the law of attraction You have no idea how it’s going to work but it just does.

If you want to book us to develop your app and get all of the amazing extras chucked in for free then please do give us a call. We are just waiting to hear from you and we are all really very nice. You won’t get the hard sell because it won’t be necessary. This loyalty app sells itself…..

Author: Rachel Sheridan.

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