Apple iPad Pro – Bigger, better websites?

Apple iPad Pro – Bigger, better websites?

Chris Draper
10th September 2015 | Web Development


Last night in San Francisco Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the latest in Apple’s iPad range – the iPad Pro . The headline-grabbing feature of the new tablet was its sheer size – with a 12.9″ display it’s 5.6 million pixels are more than many high-end laptops. Apple is positioning this as a working tablet, combining it with the new Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil to become a high-powered laptop-beater for business users.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO – “The biggest thing in iPad since the iPad”

How do we design for larger tablets?

As a web developer my mind starts to turn to how new products may influence the way we use the web, and how the websites we produce may need to respond. Sure enough, where Apple leads many other manufacturers will follow, and tablet display sizes are going to grow as a result. The iPad Pro has 2,732 pixel width, almost three times the size that until recently we would design a website to show clients.

The responsive challenge

These ultra-high quality displays will enable websites to show images and video in superb quality. Imagine the product detail you could show e-commerce customers if you utilise this new display. Clearly the benefits of retina-optimised images and SVG icons will come into force. The challenge now is for web designers and developers to produce responsive websites that work well on 300px mobiles right up to 2,732px (and more) devices.

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