How To Sell A Fiction Book With SEO

YA Fiction Writers

Do you have an idea for a book, has a story been in there dying to come out for years? Are you put off by the fact that you may have to spend year upon year submitting your beloved manuscript to agents for consideration? All of the above applies to me. I write as part of my job here at Moonshine, but I have always wanted to write fiction books. I have been writing for a few years, just for fun but with the idea that I would eventually submit my work to literary agents in the hope of getting a publishing deal. I write adult and YA fiction books. A few months ago I had the notion that I might self-publish something. I wanted to test my marketing skills and I know that publishers are far more likely to sign an established author with good sales figures than they are to take a chance on an unknown writer. Why not do it the other way around? I thought. So that’s exactly what I did. I employed an illustrator and an editor and submitted my manuscript. Within 48 hours I was up and running. There was my lovely shiny new book listed on Amazon under YA fiction. ya fiction writer evie sparkes Okay, so that was the easy part. Yes really, I find it a breeze to write. I’m not sure where it comes from but it keeps on coming. Marketing was the big test. It’s what I do most of the time for other people. I knew that this was going to be challenging as I needed to get my website listed with plenty of broad terms. That was the second task however. The first was to optimise my book for maximum coverage within Amazon itself.

Keywords Are Key!

Keyword research is of paramount importance. I spent quite some time looking at search volumes for ‘high competition’ words and then for some long tail key-phrases to back the broad terms up. I’m now at a point where I am getting some decent traffic to my website, so I am ready to move in to more social channels. I’ve decided to utilise Youtube first. Mainly because my aim is to push me as a brand, or rather Evie Sparkes (my pen name) That way, when my new book comes out I will already have an audience and hopefully a good following. If people like you and what you have to say, then you are at an advantage before you even launch anything new. So I shall keep on keeping on and see what the Universe brings me!

Reasons Your Business Should Have An App

Have you noticed how advertisers are constantly telling us to download their app rather than pointing us towards their website? Top Reasons For Investing In A Company App
  • It’s five times more costly to get a new customer than it is to retain them
  • You are seen as forward thinking and innovative, a brand, service or product to be taken seriously
  • You’ll be visible to your customers all the time
  • When a customer downloads your app they have a constant advert on their phone
  • Generally we look at our mobile phones within 5 minutes of waking
  • An app builds Brand recognition
  • Get customers engaging with your offers and promotions instantly
Stand Out Mobile apps for small business users are gaining popularity. Pretty soon all businesses will have one. Remember when only a handful of forward thinkers had a website? Now it’s barely possible to have a business without one. This is where you can get ahead of your competitors. Be ahead of the game and offer a mobile app to your customers. Build Customer Loyalty Everyone loves a discount. Especially if they’ve received the offer on their phone. They feel special! Make offers exclusive to customers who have your app installed. Your store logo is on their phone all the time, they think of you first when looking for products you sell, you sink deep into their subconscious! It’s easy for businesses to lose influence over their customers. There’s so much advertising out there and the competition are always offering something appealing to tempt them away. Be at the top of your game and get previous customers coming back and spending more money. If they’ve got it to spend, then wouldn’t you rather they spent it with you? It’s simple. Order your app, choose a subscription plan, we’ll call to talk you through the process, we’ll design your app and Brand it to your company design, submit it to the App store and Android store and tell you when it’s ready! If you’d like to find out more about our mobile app for business then please make an enquiry here: I’d Like To Know More About The Mobile App Designed By Moonshine  

New Customer Loyalty App

Woohoo!! Our shiny new customer loyalty app is almost ready. We are just putting the finishing touches to the website where you can read all about it in greater detail and even sign up and pay online. We are offering an early bird deal for those of you that want to take advantage of the top subscription for just £15 per month. The App is £999!! making it cheap as chips. Imagine that – Your own customer loyalty app sitting on their phone all day every day. An permanent advert, not to mention the fact that you have the ability to set your own promotions, offers and adverts. Send out push notifications on a weekly basis and grab those customers before they go somewhere else. Your store app will be completely branded to your own logo/design. What About My Website? Isn’t That Enough? No, no and no again. A website is obviously a must these days and if marketed correctly it can bring in a ton of new customers or clients but it has to be either searched for or known about. Your app will be downloaded by customers with either Android or IOS. It will sit on their phones for as long as they want it to, so make those offers good ones! If you make them exclusive to app users they’ll feel real special too! cheap app developers Bath When we first looked at the development costs of an app we simply couldn’t do it for less than £10,000. We thought we’d need to get a specialist coder in and everything. But no, we forgot, we have Jeremy!! How lovely it must be to be super clever and handsome at the same time. Jeremy has designed the app from scratch because he is tremendously talented and knows lots of stuff that mere mortals don’t get. It’s a bit like the law of attraction You have no idea how it’s going to work but it just does. If you want to book us to develop your app and get all of the amazing extras chucked in for free then please do give us a call. We are just waiting to hear from you and we are all really very nice. You won’t get the hard sell because it won’t be necessary. This loyalty app sells itself….. Author: Rachel Sheridan.

SEO For Beginners – Bath

Is SEO a familiar concept? Do you know that you should be embracing search engine optimisation but have no idea where to start? We’ll educate you on the latest Google guidelines for successful SEO. You’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of SEO and how it can greatly increase your website’s online presence. Here at Moonshine we offer a 90 minute workshop where you will learn how to successfully market your own website through on page and off page optimisation techniques. If you want to see how Google rank your website and learn how to get just above the competition then this workshop is a must. SEO workshops Bath WHEN Thursday, 10 March 2016 from 09:30 to 11:00 (GMT) – Add to Calendar WHERE Glove Factory Studios – 1 Brook Lane Holt, Wiltshire BA14 6RL GB

Blogging For Business

Have you ever wondered how some websites rank so much higher than others? There are a lot of factors involved in SEO of course but one of the main things to consider when going for greater rankings and new client engagement is simply to make sure your site is packed full of useful, original and informative content. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to have a blog installed. For a blog to be effective in pushing your website up the rankings it MUST be hosted on your own website. If you have a WordPress site for instance, it’s simple but even if you have a custom made bespoke site you can still ask your web developer to add a blog. They ought to be able to do this but it will come at a cost. blogging for business workshops Blogging on a weekly basis allows you to create fresh content and as much as I hate to bang on about Google, I must! Google loves fresh content. If you leave your website and don’t add any content for months on end, it will begin to drop down the rankings. Blogging should be an ongoing process. Think of it as part of your marketing strategy. If you are interested in blogging for business then why not pop along to our workshop on the 3rd March. I’ll show you how to write for people as well as search engines. It’s easy to do one or the other but it takes a bit pf practice to combine both techniques. Book Your Place Here – £34.95

Google Analytics Workshop

Google Analytics Workshop
Yes, it’s another workshop! We’ve been asked to give a presentation on Google analytics. Opening this program for the first time can be a bit daunting and a lot of our clients have confessed to simply closing it down before their heads explode. It’s tricky enough to navigate your way through the mire of tabs and statistics at the best of times. Luckily we have Hayden! Hayden has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things analytical, he actually enjoys it. He’s a very strange boy… It’s so important to understand where your website traffic is coming from and to see which keywords and phrases are actually working for you. Have you heard about landing pages? A landing page is the page a potential customer lands on, yes it really is that simple. It may or may not be the home page. It might well be a product or information page. It’s also important to see where your customers go when they get to your website (flow). You’ll be able to see where they land and where they go from there, your bounce rate (above 40% is usual believe it or not), keyword popularity, social media traffic etc… How To Book Book Google Analytics Workshop

Why WordPress

There are many content management systems out there. Some are more suitable for certain purposes than others. Here at Moonshine we design completely bespoke websites and hand code from start to finish or if it’s a more cost effective option we might design within the WordPress platform. Whilst WordPress is perfectly adequate for static websites and product based ecommerce sites containing under 2,500 products, it struggles to cope with higher volumes. If you are looking to add thousands of products we might use Magento or our own ecommerce system. Both are robust options and easily cope with tens of thousands of products. WordPress started as a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination. We have embraced WordPress in the last couple of years. We know what it’s capable of and often if clients are on a very limited budget it’s quite possible to choose a templated theme and still get an up to the minute, clean, fresh design that competes with the competition. WordPress SEO Search engines love WordPress and often value it’s content over other bespoke websites. With lots of great SEO plugins it’s easy for us to implement on page optimisation for our SEO clients that compliments other off page techniques. If you don’t have the budget for out sourced SEO then simply adding the YOAST plugin to your WordPress site will allow you to begin the process easily and effectively yourself. Talk To Us Give us a call or drop us a line if you are thinking about WordPress as a content management system. We’re happy to chat on the phone or you can pop over to see us at our studio. Coming over to see us does not mean you are obliged to use Moonshine.

How To Make The Most Of Google Shopping

Adwords or shopping? – You might think it doesn’t much matter which route you go down here but it really does. There are various reasons why for product based websites Google Shopping is superior to Google Adwords. What’s The Difference? Google Adwords is an ad that shows up either at the top of the page or down the right hand side of the Google search results. Google Shopping is also an ad but it generally appears at the top of the page and is shown with the product image. So for example, if you sell handbags and you want to sell more of them then Google Shopping is the best option. You get to show the product image with the listing. Images are always going to draw more attention especially where women are concerned. I know, I am one! If you are selling a service then Google Shopping will not apply. If we wanted to sell more websites then we might set up an ad saying – Web Design Company. Google Adwords is considerably more expensive per click than shopping too. There really is no advantage to using Adwords over Shopping if you want to sell more products. If you want your shopping ad to show up on the search page results you’ll need to make sure your bid is as high as it needs to be or you will end up thrown into the mix on the general shopping pages. If you really are on a limited budget then it is actually possible to bid as little at 1p per click. This at the very least gets you onto the shopping pages. In my opinion Adwords is outdated as far as product sales are concerned. How Do I Get My Shopping Feed Uploaded? You will need to either create a feed yourself or if you use WordPress or another ecommerce platform you will be able to download a plugin. If you are thinking about moving into PPC then feel free to drop us a line, even if we didn’t design your website.

Getting ready for Christmas

So we are all working extremely hard this week as we officially break up on Friday 18th Dec. Yes, two whole weeks without design, seo and social media. How will we cope? Quite well as it happens. Whilst it seems like an incredibly long break we really do need to re-charge our web designing batteries. It’s been a fantastic year here at Moonshine. We’ve taken on many new ecommerce clients as well as expanding our marketing department with the addition of Hayden and Ollie who have been working hard to boost client search engine rankings and brand awareness via SEO. I am still concentrating on Social Media, copywriting and article writing. Having the boys here to take over SEO accounts is fantastic and frees up my time to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Ollie is working towards a diploma in digital marketing and Hayden is an experienced SEO specialist with bags of experience in both on and off site optimisation as well as analytics. Between us we will be running more workshops in the New Year. Each 1.5 hour session comes at a cost of £35 per person with coffee, tea and croissants provided by The Field Kitchen. Chris is working hard programming. He is a very clever chap, I have no idea how he does what he does! Jeremy is still designing and coding bespoke ecommerce and static websites as well as running WordPress workshops. If you have a WordPress website and have no idea how to use it then our courses start at £35 per person (1.5 hours). Alison is now our project manager. We were so in need of some organisation and Alison is adept at sorting us all out. I’m scared sometimes! So to sum up it’s been a great year. We’ve moved into a fantastic new office which allows us to entertain clients as well as gives us loads more working space. We thought we’d really miss our top floor studio but we don’t! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Digital Media Training Courses

Schedule for digital media courses at the Moonshine Studios – New Year We are offering 1.5 hr sessions in digital marketing and WordPress management. Each session will be based around just one topic. We have been successfully running on and off site training workshops in SEO and Social Media for a while now and each session is over-subscribed. With this in mind we are now going to be running our weekly sessions from the Glove Factory Engine Room. This meeting room comfortably houses eight people. Training Schedule For January 2016 Thursday 14th January – An introduction to SEO with Hayden Cutsforth Learn how to optimise your website, write for Google ranking, correct use of the meta tag and how to promote your site off page. Thursday 28th January – Facebook for business with Rachel Sheridan Learn how to set up a Facebook for Business account, use targeted ad campaigns, get more likes and clicks to your website. Thursday 11th February – Take charge of your WordPress site with Jeremy Sheridan Do you have a WordPress website? The chances are you do even if you don’t know it. Learn how to manage your own content, get to drips with the settings, gain an understanding of how to add tags and descriptions that boost your Google ranking. Thursday 18th February – Get to grips with Google Analytics with Hayden Cutsforth If you have a website you should be using Google Analytics. It’s a complicated tool on first impression and easier to look away! Hayden will show you how to use it to your advantage, monitor visitor numbers, landing pages, see what keywords are performing for you and which are not. See where your visitors go when they land on your pages. £35 Per Session Ticket