The Benefits of Seasonal SEO

The Benefits of Seasonal SEO

Oliver Howells
16th October 2018 | SEO & Social Marketing

So what is seasonal SEO?

Seasonal SEO only plays a role during a certain times of year. However, many businesses have particular dates when they can expect increases in the number of sales.

Your business might already be using SEO tactics, so you know it’s important to understand who your audience is and what they search for online.

If we take autumn as an example, you might already have a few topics you in mind. This key season can relate to multiple high searching topics e.g “halloween”, “pumpkins”, “boots”, “jumpers”.

How to identify the seasonal shopper?

When trying to target a seasonal shopper you need to work out the persons intent. What are the specific keywords or phrases they will be looking for during this season?

Use seasonal words within your normal keyword searches. so if you’re looking for web design templates, try “web design halloween pumpkin templates” instead.

Advice: When building your list, remember that long-tail keywords work best and local search tactics can help you better target specific areas.

seasonal seo creative fllo

How to get the correct timing?

The best time during the holidays is the key points of the month e.g Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Try aim your target keywords a few days before these events start. This is to allow time for indexing and also build up to the event.

Where do I find the best seasonal trends?

It’s important to regularly check Google Trends as its a great tool for understanding search interest over time. You might also see a viral trend that could boost your SEO Results.

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