Blogging For Business

Blogging For Business

Rachel Sheridan
18th February 2016 | SEO & Social Marketing

Have you ever wondered how some websites rank so much higher than others? There are a lot of factors involved in SEO of course but one of the main things to consider when going for greater rankings and new client engagement is simply to make sure your site is packed full of useful, original and informative content.

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to have a blog installed. For a blog to be effective in pushing your website up the rankings it MUST be hosted on your own website. If you have a WordPress site for instance, it’s simple but even if you have a custom made bespoke site you can still ask your web developer to add a blog. They ought to be able to do this but it will come at a cost.

blogging for business workshops

Blogging on a weekly basis allows you to create fresh content and as much as I hate to bang on about Google, I must! Google loves fresh content. If you leave your website and don’t add any content for months on end, it will begin to drop down the rankings. Blogging should be an ongoing process. Think of it as part of your marketing strategy.

If you are interested in blogging for business then why not pop along to our workshop on the 3rd March. I’ll show you how to write for people as well as search engines. It’s easy to do one or the other but it takes a bit pf practice to combine both techniques.

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