Digital Marketing at Moonshine Internet

Digital Marketing at Moonshine Internet

Oliver Howells
29th October 2015 | SEO & Social Marketing

Hey my name’s Oliver and I’m the latest addition to the Moonshine Internet team. I am an SEO and Social Media apprentice looking to achieve a level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. Currently I have been working here 3 days and although I was anxious at first, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive.

Oliver Howells - Moonshine

Digital Marketing: Day 1

On day one I left at the reasonable time of 8:00 thinking that on a Monday there was bound to be traffic but to my surprise I arrived 30 minutes early so I ended up listening to the first song on my CD ‘Daniel Powters’ – “Bad Day” to pass the time which isn’t the most motivational song when you’re nervously waiting. At 8:50 I made the move to start my day and found myself meeting Alison, Jeremy, Chris and Hayden. It began with everyone  moving computers, wires and printers off a desk so that I had my own work station. It became quite a surprise when the fridge was the most awkward item to move and ended up leaking everywhere, I never thought my old kitchen duties mopping up floors would become so handy at Moonshine!😂

It reached 10:00 and the final member ‘Rachel’ arrived to complete the team, in which we started the first group meeting. We looked at different companies that bought packages from Moonshine’s website which lead to them talking about E-commerce, SEO and Website Design. It seemed quite a daunting task to begin with, helping and knowing about all of these clients, but during the rest of the day Hayden (the wikipedia of SEO) guided me through everything that would be going on and what my role as an apprentice would include. I was already familiar with aspects of creating pages on Facebook and Twitter but it was useful to know how these networks make links back to a company.

Day two and three

On day two and three Hayden and I were looking at off page optimisation which is basically how another website could create links to a companies website through photos, keywords etc. I continued to work on this Blog for majority of the day as well as learning new skills and techniques in SEO, I was able to look at new plugins and applications which were useful for SEO and helped me to understand how traffic of other sources increases the ranking of a website.

Working with Rachel on day three I was able to look at an application called ‘BuzzBundle’ that I would be using for multiple social media posts/comments, it will in turn make their social media more equally and efficiently used.  An assessor for my apprenticeship from QA arrived at 10:30 to make everything official and gave me my first piece of homework.

During my first few days I have met a great team who are full of experience and have given me a great opportunity in Digital Marketing at Moonshine Internet. I look forward to gaining more skills and I’m excited to see what the future holds as an employee! 😊

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