How To Make The Most Of Google Shopping

How To Make The Most Of Google Shopping

Rachel Sheridan
12th January 2016 | SEO & Social Marketing

Adwords or shopping? – You might think it doesn’t much matter which route you go down here but it really does. There are various reasons why for product based websites Google Shopping is superior to Google Adwords.

What’s The Difference?

Google Adwords is an ad that shows up either at the top of the page or down the right hand side of the Google search results. Google Shopping is also an ad but it generally appears at the top of the page and is shown with the product image. So for example, if you sell handbags and you want to sell more of them then Google Shopping is the best option. You get to show the product image with the listing. Images are always going to draw more attention especially where women are concerned. I know, I am one!

If you are selling a service then Google Shopping will not apply. If we wanted to sell more websites then we might set up an ad saying – Web Design Company.

Google Adwords is considerably more expensive per click than shopping too. There really is no advantage to using Adwords over Shopping if you want to sell more products. If you want your shopping ad to show up on the search page results you’ll need to make sure your bid is as high as it needs to be or you will end up thrown into the mix on the general shopping pages. If you really are on a limited budget then it is actually possible to bid as little at 1p per click. This at the very least gets you onto the shopping pages.

In my opinion Adwords is outdated as far as product sales are concerned.

How Do I Get My Shopping Feed Uploaded?

You will need to either create a feed yourself or if you use WordPress or another ecommerce platform you will be able to download a plugin. If you are thinking about moving into PPC then feel free to drop us a line, even if we didn’t design your website.

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