How To Advertise On Instagram

How To Advertise On Instagram

Oliver Howells
29th February 2016 | Homepage, SEO & Social Marketing

How Businesses Can
Advertise On Instagram


Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular mobile and desktop social media platform and since Facebook bought the application back in 2012, they have continued to grow and develop with new ideas and business strategies. However most people are struggling to answer the obvious question. How do I advertise on Instagram?

This blog will give you a simple guide on creating your Instagram Campaign  as well as allowing you to achieve set goals such as more followers, website clicks, post promotions, etc.

In the very first stages of Instagram advertising, you’ll need to firstly link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. To do this, you will need to click on your Facebook Business Page and click on Settings at the top of the bar.

Once this is done you will need to click on Instagram ads on the left hand side. This will show you whether you are already linked from Facebook to Instagram, otherwise you will need to click Add account and simply fill in your Instagram user name and password.

You will need to also complete the same thing on your Instagram application. To do this go to your Instagram profile page and go to the cog icon in the top right hand corner to access your settings.

Next scroll down until you see the setting Linked accounts. Once you have clicked this you will then need to select the Facebook icon to link this social account. Just fill in your log in details and click on the Facebook page you want it to be linked too.

Step 1 – Objectives

Objectives of Advertising On Instagram

Step 2 – Adding Your Website

Connecting Websites On Instagram Advertisement

Step 3 – Ad Reach

Ad Reach On Instagram Advertising

Step 4 – Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting - Advertising on Instagram

Step 5 – Daily Budget

Daily Budget - Advertising On Instagram

Step 6 – About Your Business And Connecting Pages

Connecting Your Facebook Page - Advertising On Instagram

Step 7 – Single Or Multiple Images

Single and Multiple Images - Advertising On Instagram

Multiple/Carousel Images Key Points

Multiple/Carousel - Advertising on Instagram

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