My Work Experience week at Moonshine Blog

My Work Experience week at Moonshine Blog

Oliver Howells
8th June 2017 | SEO & Social Marketing

Daniel’s Work Experience Moonshine Blog

Written by Daniel Weston, Year 10, Oldfield School, Bath

Day 1:

To start with, in my work experience, I was introduced to everyone on Monday morning and loved the first impression of the company, from the modern technology to Moonshine’s polite and friendly employers. Jeremy was very welcoming along with his employees. At 10’clock, we all had a meeting on what we were doing for the week so I settled down quickly and worked with Chris on Hitachi Infoncon’s new website. I adapted and expanded my knowledge of HTML and CSS. Finally, Chris and I finished Hitachi’s footer to look like Hitachi’s specifications. I learned so much more than I thought about work and had a real insight into a working lifestyle.

The type of website we had to design

Day 2:

While yesterday I asked Chris lots of good questions about CSS and HTML, instead, I worked by my self. I made a very good attempt at the footer on CodePen. After, Rachel showed me how Moonshine use social media to advertise their clients products.  Before I left, Rachel set me a task to boost the rating of Moonshine on Search engines. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what I have to do because it has started off great.

The type of equipment I used

Day 3:

To start with, I worked on Codecademy to practice my JavaScript for a task later on in the week. Without being helped, I managed to use my previous knowledge of Programming to get through each exercise on Javascript. After, I worked with Ollie to create some draft designs for Hitachi on Friday. I found it difficult to start with, because I haven’t used Adobe or Affinity before. Ollie showed be the basics of Affinity Photo and I quickly learned how to make a news page and comment box on it. For my work experience, Jeremy thought it would be a good idea to go to a meeting with Harrison Training, a CPD company.

What a website design should look like

Day 4:

This morning, I was set a task to check the interactivity of a website in it’s final stages of development. This meant I had to check every page and link on laptop, mobile and tablet. Any flaws with it, I wrote down for correction at a later date. Later on, we all sat down together to analyse Ollie’s page designs for Hitachi and gave him some constructive comments on how he could improve them. Overall, all of his designs were great, plus he only needed to change a few items on them.

Got to make sure that the website works on mobile and tablet

Day 5:

This morning, I was in an external meeting with Jeremy, Chris and Ollie as well as two Hitachi representatives. While in the meeting, Ollie presented his designs for them and they loved all of them. They were very impressed with the designs and having a real insight into external meetings has given me an understanding of how important they are. For the rest of the day I went on Codepen to create my own website. Overall, my first impressions have stayed consistent with the company and I have connected with all of the employees. Throughout the week I was never bored and always had work to do. I would love to work for the company again and I would hope that they all enjoyed having me.

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