Welcoming Hayden to the Moonshine team

Welcoming Hayden to the Moonshine team

Jeremy Sheridan
15th May 2015 | Moonshine news

We’d like to welcome Hayden Cutsforth to the Moonshine Team. Hayden is expert in all aspects of SEO and will head up our expanding marketing department.

He’s well versed in the practical application of on site and off site optimisation as well as analysing data and reporting back to clients on the best ways for them to achieve their goals.

Rachel, in her role as Marketing Director, will continue to manage client social media accounts, blogs, web copy and on/off-site editorials and will liaise with Hayden where clients have opted for both forms of online promotion. We anticipate the team growing further over the next twelve months with marketing fast becoming an integral part of our business model.

We are moving to a larger studio just downstairs in August which will give us the extra space we desperately need to expand our team further. We’ll miss our lovely top floor studio and we did contemplate (just for a minute) keeping it and using it as a meeting room but hey that’s just excessive!

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