Pay Per Click

PPC (pay per click)

Here at Moonshine we understand that some clients want immediate results. If you have a new web site or are looking to boost sales in a particular area then Google PPC ads (Adwords) might be right for you.

What is PPC?

Quite simply you pay when a customer clicks an ad and is taken to your website.

Prices for PPC

This varies hugely depending on your industry. You can pay anything from 0.20 – £2.00 for each click through.

What we do

We will consult with you and determine exactly what it is you want to get from your ad campaign. We will then come up with a strategy which will include researching the best key phrases, negative phrases and ad extensions. We will then implement this via an Adwords account.


It is imperative to see which click throughs are converting to sales. We will set up conversion tracking so that you and we can monitor your campaign progress.

Our charges

We charge a flat rate of £100 per month to set up and run your PPC campaign. This will be invoiced directly from us each month and is payable via DD. You will pay Google directly via credit card or DD. We will obtain your payment details before we set up your PPC account.

Length of campaign

We charge a minimum of one month but you can cancel your ads at any time.