PayPal SHA-256 service upgrades

PayPal SHA-256 service upgrades

Chris Draper
30th September 2015 | E-commerce, Web Development

We have recently been contacted by some clients regarding an email they have recently received from PayPal. Entitled ‘IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED: PayPal service upgrades’, this is a genuine email from PayPal which refers to upgrades they are making to their servers over the next few months. The upgrades concern the encryption method PayPal uses when communicating back with e-commerce websites. The encryption type is being upgraded to SHA-256, and the website needs to be hosted on a server that can also handle this method.

SHA-256 Encryption Updates

The good news for all Moonshine e-commerce clients is that all servers operated by Moonshine Internet were upgraded last year to handle this protocol. So despite the rather scary looking subject title, no further work now needs to be done and clients using PayPal (and specifically IPN payments to which this affects) will have no interruption to normal payment processes. As always if any clients have any questions with this then please call or email one of the team.

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