Reasons Your Business Should Have An App

Reasons Your Business Should Have An App

Rachel Sheridan
8th February 2017 | Homepage, Mobile apps, SEO & Social Marketing

Have you noticed how advertisers are constantly telling us to download their app rather than pointing us towards their website?

Top Reasons For Investing In A Company App

  • It’s five times more costly to get a new customer than it is to retain them
  • You are seen as forward thinking and innovative, a brand, service or product to be taken seriously
  • You’ll be visible to your customers all the time
  • When a customer downloads your app they have a constant advert on their phone
  • Generally we look at our mobile phones within 5 minutes of waking
  • An app builds Brand recognition
  • Get customers engaging with your offers and promotions instantly

Stand Out

Mobile apps for small business users are gaining popularity. Pretty soon all businesses will have one. Remember when only a handful of forward thinkers had a website? Now it’s barely possible to have a business without one. This is where you canĀ get ahead of your competitors. Be ahead of the game and offer a mobile app to your customers.

Build Customer Loyalty

Everyone loves a discount. Especially if they’ve received the offer on their phone. They feel special! Make offers exclusive to customers who have your app installed. Your store logo is on their phone all the time, they think of you first when looking for products you sell, you sink deep into their subconscious!

It’s easy for businesses to lose influence over their customers. There’s so much advertising out there and the competition are always offering something appealing to tempt them away. Be at the top of your game and get previous customers coming back and spending more money. If they’ve got it to spend, then wouldn’t you rather they spent it with you?

It’s simple. Order your app, choose a subscription plan, we’ll call to talk you through the process, we’ll design your app and Brand it to your company design, submit it to the App store and Android store and tell you when it’s ready!

If you’d like to find out more about our mobile app for business then please make an enquiry here:

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