Self Help Books For Everyone

Self Help Books For Everyone

Oliver Howells
28th November 2016 | Moonshine news, SEO & Social Marketing

Self Help Books – Want To Assert Yourself?

IĀ couldn’t help but mention these amazing little self help books from Pocket Manager Books. When you think about self-help you often imagine all kinds of new age techniques and hippy dippy stuff that won’t apply to your situation in a million years but think again…

Kate Keenan is a psychologist and the author of these fantastic books. There are lots of topics but the one that stood out for me was ‘Assert Yourself’

assertiveness books

I’m often told I’m not assertive enough, yes really! This little book gives amazing tips on how to be assertive in business but I’d say the tips really apply to any aspect of your life.

If you are in business or are a start up company then I’d highly recommend Kate’s books. They’re not expensive so I’d invest in the whole lot!

I like Kate’s sub-heading on the cover ‘Learn how to build your self confidence and get your own way nicely’ If only I’d known you could be nice and get your own way both at the same time!

If you follow these self help tips you really are sure to assert yourself in no time at all….


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