How To Sell A Fiction Book With SEO

How To Sell A Fiction Book With SEO

Rachel Sheridan
6th November 2018 | SEO & Social Marketing

YA Fiction Writers

Do you have an idea for a book, has a story been in there dying to come out for years? Are you put off by the fact that you may have to spend year upon year submitting your beloved manuscript to agents for consideration?

All of the above applies to me. I write as part of my job here at Moonshine, but I have always wanted to write fiction books. I have been writing for a few years, just for fun but with the idea that I would eventually submit my work to literary agents in the hope of getting a publishing deal.

I write adult and YA fiction books.

A few months ago I had the notion that I might self-publish something. I wanted to test my marketing skills and I know that publishers are far more likely to sign an established author with good sales figures than they are to take a chance on an unknown writer. Why not do it the other way around? I thought. So that’s exactly what I did.

I employed an illustrator and an editor and submitted my manuscript. Within 48 hours I was up and running. There was my lovely shiny new book listed on Amazon under YA fiction.

ya fiction writer evie sparkes

Okay, so that was the easy part. Yes really, I find it a breeze to write. I’m not sure where it comes from but it keeps on coming. Marketing was the big test. It’s what I do most of the time for other people. I knew that this was going to be challenging as I needed to get my website listed with plenty of broad terms. That was the second task however. The first was to optimise my book for maximum coverage within Amazon itself.

Keywords Are Key!

Keyword research is of paramount importance. I spent quite some time looking at search volumes for ‘high competition’ words and then for some long tail key-phrases to back the broad terms up.

I’m now at a point where I am getting some decent traffic to my website, so I am ready to move in to more social channels. I’ve decided to utilise Youtube first. Mainly because my aim is to push me as a brand, or rather Evie Sparkes (my pen name) That way, when my new book comes out I will already have an audience and hopefully a good following. If people like you and what you have to say, then you are at an advantage before you even launch anything new. So I shall keep on keeping on and see what the Universe brings me!

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