Why SEO should be viewed as a long game

Why SEO should be viewed as a long game

Rachel Sheridan
6th October 2015 | SEO & Social Marketing

We’ve been asked on more than one occasion if it’s possible to take up the option of one of our SEO packages for a one month trial. While I can see that from a client’s point of view it ‘might be worth a punt’ from our point of view it’s a crazy question. I understand that unless you work in the industry you have no way of knowing what it takes to build a search engine profile. SEO really is an ongoing project.

Moonshine’s SEO Service

We tell all of our new clients to expect to sign up to a minimum of three months. This is quite simply because it’s not possible to see any progress before that time. Links take time to build and become established in the eyes of the search engines and back links are an integral part of the SEO process. They aren’t all important but if you intelligently add your url to quality, industry specific directories they can be a valuable source of ‘Link Juice’. If you’re looking for an SEO agency to work with locally then why not pop along to our offices in the Glove Factory for an informal chat with one of our experts? We also work with clients across the UK and offer a second to none service when it comes to ongoing support. We can consult with you over the phone and send out an initial assessment so that you can see what positions you are holding at the moment, how your competitors and doing, how many backlinks you have and what impact your social profile is having if any on your current ranking.

We painstakingly manually add links, never using blasting software or other dodgy linking techniques. Each link might take us between 5 – 20 minutes depending on what information the particular website demands.

Content over backlinks

This is the question….quality content is of paramount importance when it comes to your ranking success. This is the first thing to consider. Is your website content rich? Is it packed full of images but no back up text? Do you keep a weekly blog?

All of these things need to be considered. If you want to avoid a spam score from Google then make sure you have plenty of text on your website. Don’t go over the top and make it text heavy but use short paragraphs or bullet points to emphasise a point.

If you consistently add new content, build strong backlinks, tweet and post to Facebook you will start seeing your rankings improve. I stress, it’s all about consistency. It’s not enough to go crazy for a few weeks then stop. It’s a drip feed you’re looking for, especially when it comes to backlinks.

I would say to anyone who might be considering our SEO service or indeed any other SEO agency for marketing to give it three months then take a step back and look at the progress to date. We offer monthly analytical reports where you’ll be able to monitor your ranking progress. When it comes down to it, the more visits you get, the more business you will undoubtedly get.

Make sure your website is up to the job

It’s all very well getting the visitors but if your website is not up to scratch you may find you aren’t able to convert visits to sales or enquiries. Make sure all of your page links are working and make sure your content is free of typos!

If you have a site that isn’t search engine friendly, i.e. no search terms in the page urls then you might want to speak to us about converting it to a WordPress site. This is probably a cheaper option that a full re-design and WordPress is great for SEO.

Enquire about a WordPress site conversion

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