SEO workshop success this week

SEO workshop success this week

Rachel Sheridan
10th September 2015 | SEO & Social Marketing

Hayden and I were invited along to The Thief in Bath to talk about the benefits of SEO for local business and some techniques that can be utilised in order to implement it DIY style at home.

Whilst there are over 200 factors in how a website is ranked there are some basics you can put into place creating a solid foundation for further techniques going forward. All of the business owners who attended our workshop understood the concept of SEO completely but did not know how to go about implementing it or what some of the terms used actually mean. I totally understand this issue. We use this kind of language all the time in the office so it comes as second nature to talk geek! We often forget that unless you are working in development it is perfectly acceptable to know nothing.

Organised Business Workshops In Bath

Martini Mum kindly organised this particular workshop and indeed Serra (business owner) organises such events in Bath regularly. They’re informal events where no-one is made to feel like an idiot for asking a question they feel embarrassed about!

If you want to speak to Serra about future workshops locally then she will be pleased to hear from you – Martini Mum

Martini Mum Bath
As a company we will be organising SEO and social media workshops in house in the near future. We are lucky enough to have moved into a shiny new studio at The Glove Factory which allows us extra space to accommodate potential attendees. If you are interested in learning more about SEO or social media then click here to register your interest.

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