Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

Oliver Howells
26th January 2016 | Moonshine news, SEO & Social Marketing

Currently I’ve been investing time into Social Media trends to improve our rankings on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’ve discovered their are many important factors that you need to include when attempting to increase followers, links and overall growth.


When posting out content into your social media sites ‘Emojis’ are becoming a new addition to majority of the populations messages, but why is this happening?

Emojis are our way of showing ’emotions’ through the computer screen. As humans we naturally react to another persons emotions in different ways from what they express whether thats being happy, sad, confused, ambitious, etc.

As we post content we will gain that same emotional affect as if we were discussing the content with someone face to face, which means that messages seem more real and sociable to other readers.

Emojis are also affective when ‘softening the blow of a critique’ because content that is technical with a lot of text can sometimes be a challenge to read, however emotions can add empathy in certain areas and make the text seem more friendly for users to read.

There’s no proven science however they can increase your popularity on social media as it comes across as fun and interactive, as it allows people to engage more frequently with your posts and comments, meaning your chances of building a bigger network has a huge increase.

Images,Vectors and GIFS

There are lots of things that are becoming more noticeable at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Images, Vectors and GIFS. These components start to create bigger networks and new businesses which now makes them more visible over the internet and will continue for the next few years.

Images are a standard thing we use to show an event, location or feeling and this makes them powerful on the web. Images tell a lot more compared to words as humans process photos 60,000 times faster than text and it can therefore increase likes, shares and more engagement with other people.

Vectors are used for pages, websites and graphical designs showing a classic yet modern styling, for example WordPress provides more website templates with vector graphics as it gives it a cleaner look and is easier to navigate. Vectors can be used short animations and infographics to make text/information seem more user friendly and its also being used in analytics software to make it clear for yourself and other businesses.

GIFS are interesting because they are very new to social media and have hit a great peak over the last year. They allow you to either group images/ messages and play them in a short video which loops. This could potentially be perfect for your business if you’re trying to sell a product or display loads of images.

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