Targeted Facebook ads

Targeted Facebook ads

Rachel Sheridan
10th February 2015 | SEO & Social Marketing

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Facebook ads are a fantastic source of new website traffic but please don’t forget to target your ads to the relevant demographic.

It’s pointless getting hundreds of likes if they are from people who have no real interest in your product or are unlikely to make a purchase.

Things To Bear In Mind When Creating Your Facebook Ad

One very important factor to bear in mind is that many Facebook users are under 18. Indeed my 14 year old son has an account and lists himself as 21 and working for Superdry!

With this in mind when setting an age range for Facebook ads I always target people over 25. If you cover the whole age range you are very likely to pick up some suspect leads. Who wants to pay for a load of likes from kids with no disposable income? This is one very easy way to waste your budget.

If you are a fashion business then set your targets accordingly. For instance people interested in ‘fashion, shopping, celebrity, clothes’ Your ad will be shown to less people of course but they will be the right people.

If you only sell in the UK then make sure you set a target country.

To sum up: Make sure every penny you spend is one well spent.

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