Tracking Goals For Your Website

Tracking Goals For Your Website

Rachel Sheridan
20th November 2015 | SEO & Social Marketing

tracking website goalsWhen planning a new web design project it is very easy to start by brainstorming lots of ideas about the design aspects of a website such as colour schemes, adding twitter feeds or having flashy buttons that you can press that do all kinds of magic.

All of these things should be considered at some stage but quite often it is very easy to forget the main purpose of your website, it is a marketing tool to help you reach your business objectives.

What are your objectives?

  • Website enquiries
  • Product sales
  • Newsletter signups
  • Account creations
  • Ebook downloads

If it’s a website for your business, one of the main objectives might be to receive more enquiries from potential customers or if you have an eCommerce shopping website then quite obviously you would want to increase sales.

Whatever the objectives might be for your website, these need to be established in the early planning stages to ensure that every element will contribute towards achieving your main goals.

After you have established your goals, one area to have a look at would be something called conversion rate optimisation or CRO for short. This is all about improving different aspects of your website to help improve the overall conversion rate of your websites goals. For example, one way to boost enquiries could be to include a contact form on every single page rather than just on the contact page.

Here is an analogy:

digital marketing funnelIf you look at any major supermarket they will invest enormous amounts of time, money and research into increasing customer satisfaction. We all know as the saying goes “A happy customer is a paying customer”.

As far as improving customer satisfaction goes, they use an internal process called the customer journey. This is to ensure that the customer always has a positive experience, rather than a negative one.

This same thought process should be applied when developing the ideas for your new business website. You should be focusing on increasing your visitors satisfaction and also guide them in the right direction towards completing any desired action.

How you can track your websites goals

The main advantage with any form of online marketing is that it provides you with an accurate way to measure and monitor the performance, whereas with any other form of offline marketing it can almost be like taking a shot into the dark.

By tracking your marketing efforts, you are simply able to identify which methods are working and which ones aren’t. This can make your marketing even more effective by doing more of the things that work well and dropping the things that don’t.

Tracking your goals vs. website traffic

This is not an explanation on installing or setting up Google Analytics, but a way to show you how to create a goal that you can measure with your website. If your not sure if you have Google Analytics installed you can always ask a member of the Moonshine team and we can certainly see whether it is installed.

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Select the Admin tab and then navigate through the 3 drop downs choosing the correct account, property and view
  3. In the right column under “View”, click Goals
  4. Click the “+ NEW GOAL” button to create a new goal
  5. For this tutorial we are going to simply use a template with a pre-filled configuration rather than having to select the “Contact us” button under Enquiry.Note: Templates will not display if you haven’t selected an industry within your account. To select an Industry Category, click on the Property Settings tab under the property section.

Ecommerce conversion tracking

If your making sales consistently online then that is something very valuable in itself however, not as valuable as being able to find the source of what lead to that initial sale. By inspecting those existing sources you are then able to replicate them or improve them, to result in a further increase of sales.
Ecommerce Tracking Instructions

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