Work Experience at Moonshine – Milo

Work Experience at Moonshine – Milo

Jeremy Sheridan
14th April 2016 | SEO & Social Marketing

Since Monday, I have been doing my work experience at Moonshine. I still have two and a half days to go, but I’ve been kept quite busy, it being work experience and all.
Seeing that I run my own WordPress site, that I’m tempted to link to but won’t, I was quite keen to learn about what makes a successful website, more keen than I usually am. I was especially interested in learning in a bit more detail about SEO.

I came in on Monday to learn that I was to sit in a meeting that went on for definitely more than an hour, I’d say about an hour and a half, to which I contributed little. After that, I was asked to do a wire frame. I had no idea what a wire frame was, how to do one or what it was, oh did I already establish that? Sorry. Luckily, Ollie was instructing me with what to do, so that turned out quite nice. I had lunch and did some scanning in of some stuff, again for Ollie, so he could put the stuff into photoshop, do some photoshop stuff and make some better stuff for some people. However, we quickly got tired of that and made a header for my website, again not linking to it. Then my dad barrelled in and I went home, quite proud that I had made it through the day without embarrassing myself.

I entered a bit more confidently on Tuesday and I had a bit more of a writing orientated day, which I was quite pleased with because I find writing a lot easier than most things. I wrote some content for a War Games website for their Warhammer section, seeing that I knew diddly squat about Warhammer, I found that to be a challenge. I also made a spreadsheet detailing redirect links for a furniture website, which was hopefully helpful, and made a web 2.0 blog about furniture to link to it. I also learnt the basics of SEO from Hayden which was something I really wanted to get out of this whole experience.

Today, I’ve created another web 2.0 blog, this time for Warhammer, and wrote this big ol’ chunk o’ words.

Since Monday, I have learnt about SEO, web design and a smattering of businessey things that I definitely wouldn’t of learnt at school. In fact, I think I’ve learnt more in my two and a half days here than I have since January at school. I was definitely not forced to say that.

Joking aside, this has been pretty valuable learning experience.


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