My Work Experience – Lauren Tate

My Work Experience – Lauren Tate

Oliver Howells
16th June 2017 | SEO & Social Marketing

Working at Moonshine

My Work Experience, Moonshine

Day 1:

To start with, being the shy and timid person I am, I was anxious as I walked up the stairs to Studio 10 of The Glove Factory Studios. The polite and friendly staff welcomed me in, this made me less nervous. At 10 o’clock, we all settled down and discussed our work for the week. After that I started to design my own website. To design my website, I used Adobe Colors CC and Adobe Typekit. Next I used Affinity Designer and learnt about ’12 column grid’. In the afternoon, Rachel talked about the basics of SEO. She spoke about what it is and how you use it.

Day 2:

Today I was working with Jeremy looking at the coding side of things and tweaking a few things on a live website because the client had asked us to add in some new pages to the website. For this Jeremy gave me the mouse and keyboard and said “you’re going to be doing all of it today”. Talk about throwing me in at the deep end, although I must admit that it is the best way to learn new things. First of all I had to learn a bit more knowledge about HTML and CSS. Throughout the day Jeremy directed me on what I had to do and showed me what to press on and what not to press on. As a result, we managed to finish two new pages and get them fully functioning.

Day 3:

I started off the day with Chris, looking at the Hitachi website. We worked on making sure the header and footer were fully functioning and the menus were working properly. We had to change a few things in the process and look at style sheets and inspect the elements of the website. Later on I worked with Ollie on creating a new page for the website by using WordPress.

Day 4:

This morning, I looked at the design of the Hitachi website with Jeremy and Ollie because we had to analyse and amend some of the measurements on the design. We then did a mock-up of the home page with the new measurements using Adobe Experience Design . After that Rachel and I looked at updating the progress for the Hitachi job. We did this by logging the phases and tasks involved in them. We then had to say who they were assigned to and the completion percentage. For the afternoon, I finished working on my own website and finished the design of the homepage.

Day 5:

Firstly, I was with Alison and we were looking at the financial side of things. We checked the invoices and payments and cross referenced them to make sure that everything matched up. Then I worked on tweaking my website design and adding in some more things. After that I looked at the Hitachi website with Jeremy and Ollie where we were working on the homepage’s ‘latest news’ feature.

Overall, I would have to say, this experience was very enjoyable and has challenged me in so many ways, all of which being positive. At all times I have felt welcome by everyone at Moonshine and I thank them for having me for the whole week and making me feel like part of the team.

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